Picture15Allnex Netherlands B.V. is a leading producer of technical and high-quality resins for the paint and coating industry. Approximately three hundred people work at their location in Bergen op Zoom. KH Engineering supports the engineering department of Allnex in various projects.

‘Our location in Bergen op Zoom has existed since 1967, starting as Synthese, later Akzo, AkzoNobel, Nuplex and since 2017 Allnex,' says Bas Broods, Technical Manager at Allnex. 'Every year we invest in projects that increase the safety and production reliability of our plants, among which major maintenance and replacement projects, such as the replacement of our control system DCS and the replacement of one of our tank farms.'

These projects are carried out by our engineering department, where we also need support,' says Bas. That's why we turned to the market and selected a number of parties who could take some of the engineering work off our hands. KH Engineering is one of these parties. They provide us with various services, such as an ad interim project manager for the replacement of our DCS control system and engineering for the upgrade of one of our raw materials tank farms.

Complex and challenging
The project is being carried out in phases, with Allnex removing redundant tanks and replacing them with stainless steel tanks. In total, 33 tanks will be removed and 19 will be replaced. Bas: "After more than 55 years of loyal service and the necessary maintenance, it is time to replace most of the tanks to ensure future functionality. This is a huge job, of course. The work is being carried out while production continues. Especially the fact that it has to be done during operation makes it a complex and challenging job that has to be planned very tightly. It is a true logistical puzzle, which KH Engineering is helping to solve.

Total package
After Allnex had made a concept design, KH Engineering took care of the basic engineering. Bas: 'They will ensure that we soon have a total package with which we can go to the market and invite contractors to tender for the actual implementation of the project. It is a large project with a proportionally long lead time. We are planning to spend seven years on it,' says Bas. We started two years ago and from now on we expect the job to be done within five years. The project does not stand on its own; other upgrade and improvement projects will be carried out simultaneously. In this way, we ensure safe, high-quality and reliable production for now and the future.

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