RLB 3005 Large3You can notice it everywhere: the transition of energy and raw materials is taking shape. It has been discussed for a long time, but now we are really moving towards implementation. In that respect, I agree with the title of the VNCI report: 'From Roadmap to Reality'. We also notice this at KH Engineering. There are many requests to help clients change their factory layout, their process design, their electricity supply and other utilities. Sometimes, they even ask for support in switching to new - biological or renewable - raw materials. This involves all kinds of additional safety issues and the necessary building and environmental permits.

We have especially set up the New Energy & Infrastructure working group for these kind of questions. We use it to help our customers with existing assets in their transition and to build new plants, for example for plastic recycling. We do this with a master plan, from which we implement the necessary adjustments step by step. Or we help on the supply side: think of a start-up or scale-up that wants to scale up a certain technology to industrial size and standards. We also help with the calculation of the business case and finding subsidies.

KH Engineering is well positioned to play an important role in the transition. We are big enough to handle seriously large projects and small enough to always look for the most pragmatic solution per customer. We have an eye for the mix of existing possibilities. Rightly so, because what has already become clear is that there is no miracle cure for the transition. It will always be a tailor-made approach. Where for one person the use of electrification is sufficient, another will have to switch to hydrogen or recycling.

Another advantage of KH Engineering is that we can work with all kinds of parties: from small specialists to large multinationals. We know the market parties that are out there and we can connect them. We are not bound by our own licences or patents and are very independent and practically focused on tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Besides, sustainability is becoming so self-evident that we have decided to test for it in every engineering assignment. Can it be done more climate-friendly - for the same money or not? If so, we say so.

In this edition of KH Engine, you will find several articles about transition projects that we carry out for our clients. Here, too, we demonstrate our versatile and pragmatic approach. We give a few examples of what we do to bring the transition into existence!

Marc Steigenga
CCO KH Engineering