After our anniversary edition in the first quarter, the spring edition follows. A spring that has been preceded by the COVID-19 virus and which has completely changed our daily lives. This has a major impact for our clients and requires many adjustments in the organization, production and new logistics solutions. These two e edition, we see great articles that show the developments in collaboration and service provisioning. Developments that have been rapidly implemented and we look ahead to the near future.

There are special projects that are coming to an end this year and new relations are welcomed. KH Engineering also continues to work on its involvement in climate-related projects in the industry and the built environment or with companies that work on demonstration projects. The interested KH Engineer will also find his or her way of doing this and this edition will provide a nice look ahead at what is to come in the near future. Examples of recycle, production of Char to bind CO2, heat networks and electrification. In the engineering office itself, knowledge groups at departmental level also arise, a great initiative that is highly appreciated. The economic impact and new needs within the various market areas are becoming increasingly visible. Economic forecasts are plentiful and, interpreting them, we can see that there will continue to be an imbalance between supply and demand. Our economies are mostly open economies that are consequently successful if they are well-connected to the global market. This global market has developed along the lines of globalization and we expect it to take a different turn that will affect supply and demand. Think of shorter logistics / supply chain solutions, less global transport and more flexibility in production and/or use of company assets. We anticipate this and expect more project volume in the broad sense of Lifetime Extension, Safety & Compliance, and increased flexibility in production or user objectives for industrial real estate. 

Editie02_Voorwoord_RLA 3036 uitsnedeNow that we have been actively and digitally connected, social distancing for more than a month , we also see that there is a need for more peer-to-peer connection. Not only professionally in the work processes in which we work on together in a  Project environment, but also in a social sense. This already was one of the most recognizable values within our company. Communications our clients are established in various ways; there is a lot of mutual understanding because of the changed circumstances and this is achieved by using creativity using helpful systems, software and especially giving extra time and attention to each other.

Kees Vonk (Commercial Manager) and Willem Pronk (CEO)