Welcome to the KH Engine!


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Who is KH Engineering?

For this first edition of the KH Engine, we would like to introduce ourselves: KH Engineering is an engineering firm that provides engineering, procurement , construction management and consultancy services in the chemical, oil & gas, refining, energy, storage & logistics market and heavy and pharmaceutical industries. We provide these services to national and international clients, from various disciplines, in the form of on-site teams (at clients’ premises) or project teams. We are now 70 years old; a special milestone of which we are proud!


Which customers do we work for? And what kind of projects do we carry out? As a multidisciplinary full-service engineering firm, KH Engineering supports clients in the development and implementation of projects and maintenance programs. This support varies from front-end services to engineering, purchasing and construction management (EPCm). Clients also increasingly find KH for conceptual issues, the complete preparation and supervision of industrial projects and building-related installations. From technological selection advice to leading complete programs over several years. KH Engineering delivers the entire package!


On the KH website we regularly post project cases of challenging projects that we have carried out in the past few years. Through this brand new KH Engine we give an extra look behind the scenes of our beautiful company and let our valued customers have their say. So read on! 

The KH Engine; the digital magazine, written by and for customers and colleagues!