KH Engineering is a leading engineering firm in technical projects for the industry. I think it's a wonderful company that has a lot to offer. Although I have only been working there for a short time, I already have a good impression. On January 1st 2021, I was appointed Chief Commercial Officer and in those first few months, I have been impressed by the capabilities of the people behind KH Engineering. Certainly, we are pragmatic and practical engineers, but we also think along on a strategic and conceptual level. This is how we help the industry in Belgium and the Netherlands to remain competitive and to become more sustainable.

In this edition of KH Engine, you will find a number of very different examples of how our clients benefit from KH Engineering's knowledge and expertise. I think it is important to think from the customers and markets perspective. Therefore, in the coming period, I will spend a lot of time listening very carefully to what our customers are concerned about. Is it about saving energy? Do they need to invest in more sustainable production methods? Should the factory be further digitalized? Are there measures to be thought of to extend the life span or increase productivity?  Or is it a case of being able to expand capacity incredibly quickly - or of changing production due to changing market demands? These are all current projects in which KH Engineering plays a crucial role.

Thinking along

Providing answers to all these questions from the industry is the core activity of KH Engineering. We are always happy to think along about solutions, and even about making the business case financially feasible. Together with our client, we form a team that responds quickly. That team spirit means a lot to me, especially because in my spare time I'm a fanatical footballer at MVV '27 in Maasland (South-Holland). Working together to get a good result is second nature to me. I'm looking forward to working on that in the years to come, together with the clients of KH Engineering!

Marc Steigenga
CCO KH Engineering