KH Engine foreword by Willem Pronk and Björn Erkens

'Anticipating market movements'

RLB 2680newAs a multidisciplinary full-service engineering company, KH Engineering supports clients in the development of projects in various markets within the industry. We serve these markets with our knowledge, experience and expertise. There are a number of market segments that are in full development, such as the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the new energy market. As an engineering firm, we anticipate these movements in the market. In this KH Engine, we will share some great examples of how we work with our clients and what steps we take as an engineering consultancy to provide our clients with a pragmatic approach from front-end services to engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm) services. 

Energy transition

All our clients are affected by the energy transition. KH Engineering has set up a special working group to respond to the developments in the field of energy transition. The New Energy & Infrastructure (NEI) group makes connections between the market sectors and is aware of the trends and developments within the market. All developments and knowledge ofthe use of non-fossil fuels, heat pumps, electrification, hydrogen, etc. are collected and shared, so that every market team within KH Engineering can benefit from them.     

Market teams

One of those market teams is Chemistry. Our project account managers in this sector are in close contact with our clients and know what questions there are. How do we reduce CO2 emissions and work towards green chemistry? We share these needs within the team, which enables us to tailor our services even better to the wishes of our customers. Another emerging phenomenon is cyber crime. Our Cyber Resilience Team helps companies in the industry to increase their cyber resilience. You can read more about this below. 



In addition to these external objectives, we also look at ourselves. After all, our employees are our most important asset, our future. We will therefore be devoting more attention to personal development in the coming year. We also want to put KH Engineering even more sharply on the map, so that we can more easily attract new talent. The latest news is that we will soon be changing premises in Antwerp, although we will remain easily accessible in Berchem, by the ring road. In the new building, hybrid working will be the norm. We want to offer our employees more freedom. There are fewer workstations and more meeting places. If you work more effectively at home one day, then you do that. If physical consultation is required, you come to the office. With fewer transport movements and a smaller building, we are also making a small contribution to reducing our CO2 footprint. 

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Willem Pronk (ceo) and Björn Erkens (senior project accountmanager)