IMG 6051 1 1Hybrid working offers many advantages. KH Engineering has initiated the transition to hybrid  offices. Last year, we did so in Antwerp, recently in Amsterdam, and the Schiedam office will follow in due course. In this way, we are creating modern and innovative office spaces that are designed for hybrid working. They will become inspiring meeting places for colleagues and business associates. 

The Antwerp branch already moved to a new location in November. In May, the employees of KH Engineering in Amsterdam moved to their new office. The immediate reason for the move was that our old building was being stripped and completely renovated,' says Operations Manager Martijn Rouwenhorst. So we had to look for another space anyway. In addition, during the corona pandemic we were introduced to working from home and hybrid working and that worked out very well. We learned that teamwork does not necessarily mean being in one room together,' says Martijn. 'Working from home remains for about half of the working time. So we could actually do with a lot less square metres of office space. After a quick search, it turned out that there happened to be a perfect space for rent almost across the street from our old building. So that's what we chose. In May we moved to this new location at Kabelweg 37. 

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The new office is fully equipped for the new, hybrid way of working, that KH Engineering also introduced in the Antwerp office. Martijn: 'We have furnished the new office with dynamic workstations, a number of meeting rooms with equipment for hybrid meetings and  we have a nice lunch area and  sports facilities. We also have six quiet rooms to be able to have a phone conversation in silence, for example. Another advantage is that, if desired, you can rent extra rooms temporarily. It has all become much more dynamic, but above all more beautiful, more energy-efficient and much more modern. Online collaboration and physical collaboration are much easier to combine these days. We already noticed this during the cooperation with our colleagues at the offices in Romania and Israel. Since the corona pandemic, remote cooperation within KH's own branches has become much more natural, and internal international cooperation is more natural and better. Hybrid work therefore offers many advantages in that respect as well.’

Take a look
And how have the first weeks after the move gone? It's great', sums up Martijn. We went from a somewhat old-fashioned office to a modern office with an industrial as well as innovative look, with a lot of steel, glass and a beautiful cast floor. Most of the emplyees felt at home straight away. I would like to invite all curious customers to come and take a look for themselves! Curious to see the preview? Take a look at the videos below.

New office KH Engineering Antwerp

New office KH Engineering Amsterdam